This time OSSBA is organising two separate tournaments at a time. One is 4th Secretariat All Odisha Employees' Open Badminton tournament (4th SAOEOBT) and another is 1st Secretariat All Odisha Open Veteran Badminton Tournament (1st SAOOVBT).
The tournaments will be played as per BAI Rules.

Following events will be played:


1. Men's Singles

2. Men's Doubles

Only employees of State Govt./Central Govt./PSUs are eligible to participate. Players recruited under Sports quota are not eligible to participate in the above two events.


3. Veteran Singles

4. Veteran Doubles

In the above tournament of 1st SAOOVBT all players are eligible to participate provided they should be of 45 years of age by 31st January, 2016.


Must not have been recruited in sports quota to participate in 4th SAOEOBT, but can participate in 1st SAOOVBT.

There is no age limit to participate in the Men's Singles and Doubles.

For Veteran events, one must be of 45 years of age by the end of January 2016.

There must be minimum of eight players / pairs to conduct any event.

Entry Fee: (Non-refundable)

1. Singles: Rs.150/-

2. Doubles:Rs.300/-

Prize Money:

Rs.38, 000/-.

Hours of Play:

08.30 A.M. to 01.30 P.M. and 03.00 P.M. 08.30 P.M.

Tournament Ethics:

1. All players shall come in proper kit.

2. All players must report and register their names on 02.04.2016 by 7.30 A.M. at the venue and collect food coupons.

3. They must pay their entry fee along with food charges at a time by post on or before 25th March, 2016 in shape of Cheque / Draft favouring "General Secretary, OSSBA' only, at OSSBA's registered address (Qrs.No.IVA-29/1, Unit-2, Bhubaneswar-9 positively, download rules & regulations etc. of the tournament on-line at ossba.orisports.com.

4. Players are requested to report in time for the matches as per the schedule to avoid walk over.

5. There must be minimum of eight entries in each event to conduct the play.

6. For veteran singles, 30-Point match (duce at 29 and the side that gets next first point i.e.30th will be the winner) will be played but in the finals, best of three games will decide the winner. In doubles, as usual best of three games will be played.

7. For Men's singles and doubles, preliminary rounds 30-points but from quarter final onwards, best of three games i.e. 21 point game each of three sets will be played.

8. Tournament Committee reserves all rights to amend, alter, substitute or cancel any of the events without assigning any reason thereof.

9. If any dispute arises on the point of law, players / managers / coaches can protest to Chief Referee by depositing Rs.500/- as protesting fee. Decision of the Tournament Committee will be final and binding.

10. Smoking, Chewing tobacco, consumption of liquor in the playing arena is strictly prohibited.

11. Any dispute is subject to jurisdiction under Bhubaneswar Court.

Boarding & Lodging:

Participants coming beyond 60 Kms. will be provided free accommodation nearby the venue from 01ST evening to 04th (morning) of April, 2016. Further, all the participants will be provided tea and snacks during the play on production of coupons. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner for two days will be served to the participants at the venue on nominal payment of Rs.200/- (Rupees two hundred) only on their request. Littering of the venue shall not be allowed. Used packets shall be collected in disposal bins. It is the moral responsibility of each and every participant to keep the venue clean.

All the participants are requested to maintain discipline throughout the tournament. Any player found to be mischievous and indiscipline, appropriate action will be taken by the Tournament Organising Committee.All participants must abide by the rules and regulations of the tournament.